We believe the heart and soul of quality films is the screenplay. No amount of hype, advertising budget, or star power can make a bad script good. A quality story doesn’t target a certain type of audience – the audience targets a good story. This has been proven over and over again. We are committed to making quality films with mass audience appeal.


The U.S. film industry is a 100 billion dollar a year business that controls over 80% of the world's market. Through good times and bad times, people want entertainment and a great portion of this is from films. With the ever-increasing ways to view movies the demand is ever increasing.


The film industry is strong and will continue to be strong. Its roots are nourished by a professional workforce that thrives on creative freedom.


When investment partners enter into an agreement with Gardner Doolittle Films it is on a limited partnership (LLP). It can be for one film or many films.


Funds are escrowed by an accounting firm that regulates monies according to a cash flow statement. We offer an equitable sharing of the film's income between the Production Company and investor until 100% of the investment is recouped – then an equal split of profits thereafter.


Each film carries a 10% cash contingency of the shooting budget as additional insurance for the completion of the film. In addition, federal and state tax refunds of the shooting budget can be as much as 30%. These funds go towards paying back investment partners at the completion of filming.