On the Board

The Man From Hawksglide

Action / Drama


A big, slow-witted, but loving mountain man loses his wife in childbirth.  Supported by the love he shared with her, he does a remarkable job of raising the child himself.  When the establishment tries to take the boy from him it ends up in a brutal fight with the local law.  Badly wounded, he takes his son and retreats to the high country; the only place he feels safe.

This is a heartwarming adventure story with a surprise twist ending.



Looking For A Place To Happen

Action / Comedy


Two well-meaning but bumbling cousins take over the family trucking business and quickly run it into the ground.  They lose their truck to a crooked dealer and must repo other trucks to pay off their debt.  They end up bankrupting the dealer, leave the local police force in ruins, being chased by the mob, and in the process become national heroes.




Action / Adventure


An organization of foreign radicals manages to build an armed missile site in the middle of the United States capable of delivering missiles under radar detection.



Yesterday’s Heroes

Action / Drama


The year is 1948. W.W. II patients in a psychiatric hospital plot against a new doctor they suspect of being a war criminal.  It appears to be just another one of their dumb games again…at first.

Yesterday’s Heroes is a suspense drama brimming with humor, escalating to a shocking ending.


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